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Empire Chem-Dry V

Empire Chem-Dry V has a unique strategy to Puyallup carpet cleaning which provides an amazingly better experience for both you and your carpets. Because we are the finest in the business, we supply affordable carpet cleaning in Puyallup while maintaining quality and supplying the best care to your carpet. At Empire Chem-Dry Chem-Dry V, we treat your carpet like we would our own. We understand that sometimes you get too busy to spend the amount of time and energy it takes to clean your own carpets, so allow the professionals with all the best equipment carry out the service on your behalf

In comparison to other carpet cleaning or steam cleaning companies in the Puyallup, WA area, we clearly rank the most effective. Our streamline methods only utilizes fraction of the moisture that almost all steam cleaners use, meaning your carpets will dry within just 1-2 hours, versus 1-2 days! That’s a length of your time that definitely makes a difference. We use less water, and non-toxic chemicals that gently treat your carpets and offer a lasting clean. Don’t throw away cash and time for some other cleaners - trust Empire Chem-Dry V, Puyallup to acheive it right the very first time!

Perhaps you have experimented with removing a stain from your shirt using club soda? Our powerful carbonated cleaning solution does exactly that to quickly and efficiently clean your carpets! Numerous tiny bubbles scrub your carpets themselves, giving you a deep clean that lasts. Trust professionals at Empire Chem-Dry V in Puyallup, WAand our proprietary Power of Carbonation technique to reinstate your carpet’s glory and to make that clean last!

In addition we provide rapid and efficient service, but Empire Chem-Dry V provides your carpet with a healthy clean, using completely non-toxic solutions, without harsh chemicals. We have got your best interests as the primary goal, this is the reason why we treat your carpets using the best healthy products. This provides a healthy home, from a Puyallup carpet cleaning service with products that are safe for your very own family, pets and environment. Trust Empire Chem-Dry V Puyallup to produce the most reliable, green carpet care.

You Will Be Surprised To See How Clean We Can Make Your Home Watch Below

Carpet Cleaning Puyallup

Puyallup Professional Carpet Cleaning

We are very proud of the fact that we can remove carpet stains that many carpet cleaning companies in the Puyallup area are honestly not able to clean. Empire Chem-Dry V uses a carbonated cleaning solution that is the most effective way of cleaning carpets and removing tough stains. This secret or solution to our success lies in the power of carbonation. We offer the most professional carpet cleaning Puyallup has to offer and you will happy you choose us to clean your carpets!

Another interesting fact is that our cleaning process requires a fraction of the moisture that steam cleaners use. So you may be thinking what does this mean how does this effect my carpets? Well this means that less water is being poured down into your padding and carpet fibers, which ultimately eliminates the risk of mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria.

No matter the color and style of your carpet, your local Puyallup carpet cleaning experts at Empire Chem-Dry V will take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We will make sure that each carpet is cleaned the Chem-Dry way. The Chem-Dry carpets are treated with non-toxic cleaning agents that will leave your carpets looking new and your home smelling great! Alao all of our cleaners and solutions are eco-friendly and are safe for pets, home and your children.

Puyallup Carpet Cleaning Hot Carbonating Extraction Process

Our hot carbonating extraction process in Puyallup uses the effectiveness of carbonation to actually explode the dirt off the carpet fibers.The process uses a small amount water, but delivers amazing results. This technique uses extremely little water, but delivers superb overall results. We also excel in removing strains from nail polish, ink, lipstick, and more. Another great thing that we offer is our amazing pet urine removal process that continually works on the smell and the stain long after our technician leaves.Carpet Cleaning in Puyallup has never been better than the clean you get from Innovative Chem-Dry.When you see the results that we will deliver, won't ever wish to use any other steam cleaning company again. In our time and age steam technology is old technology. The strength is actually in carbonating in which we offer the best carpet cleaning New Port Richey has to present.

Puyallup Green Carpet Cleaning Process

Empire Chem-Dry V is known for their great Puyallup, WA carpet cleaning process as well as how great it is for the enviroment. When you see how effective and natural our solution is for your carpets and your whole home you will be surprised. The very heart to all of our cleaning processess and how we provide amazing results is our patented carpet cleaner, The Natural®. We are very proud of our 100% natural, non-toxic, patented carpet cleaner, it is one of the purest carpet cleaning solutions in the market! Hundreds of households have seen the amazing effect of our powerful natural soloution. Click on the above link to read more about our great Green Carpet Cleaning Process in Puyallup!

Puyallup Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Process

We at Empire Chem-Dry V focus on making sure that your carpet is as clean and lasts that way. Due to this we have one of the best stain remover solutions in the market. We understand that furniture is valuable, and any little stain can easily diminish its value. Due to this we offer top-of-the-line stain removal services to return your furniture or carpets to their original glory. We want to make sure that we treat your carpet right. Say goodbye Stains and Spots and check our link above for more information!

Puyallup Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine Removal Treatment

We are know through all of Puyallup for our great Pet Urine Removal Treatment that is nick named P.U.R.T. This treatment has been tested over and over again on carpets in Puyallup. This soloution has been proven to not just remove the stain but to remove the smell. We know that when we see our carpets ruined after a pets accident we want to get the color back and to destroy the smell. Through our Puyallup carpet cleaning P.U.R.T soloutions we can provide the best experience for you and your family. We know you will not be disappointed with choosing us. Click the link above for more information!



Called because of the ValPak coupon. The techs were professional and friendly, explained the process and thoroughly went through all of the pricing options with me beforehand. I was satisfied with the final quote, $275 for an 800-plus sq ft house with stairs. I don't know that I would go with a Chem-Dry method again. Whatever chemical is used brought out the ghost of everything that had happened to that carpet for 6 years. It smelled worse than before! To be fair, I had been adequately warned, and turned down the extras that would have fixed that issue. Still, I think next time I will just find a steam-cleaner, or be prepared to buy the whole package. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast the service was, and I thought the price was more than fair for what I was getting. The carpet looked great, and it was pretty bad before.

There was an issue with the billing, but Brent called me personally to discuss the issue and it has now been resolved to my satisfaction.
-Janelle F.
I have used Chem Dry in the past and my carpets always came out wonderful without any up charges. Two out of the five rooms were still stained, I asked him about it, and told him before the guys would spot treat the areas first and use a lot of spray, the rugs would stay wet for a couple days....not this time, the two rooms that were bad still were DRY.  I actually went around after he left and used my spray spot cleaner from the last visit and cleaned the carpet with a rag and my foot and a reacher tool as I am disabled.  I picked the wrong one thought this was the truck mount since the coupon said DEEP CLEAN, or I guess I needed to request it on the phone.  It was only like $10 more per room. Check all the Coupons closely from the different Chem Drys.  Although I have never had to have the truck mount one before.  They would have had to reschedule to give me the Truck Mount one.  I did not want to have to reschedule since I was ready.  I still had to pay over 200.  It would have been 200 more for a better job. The owner Brent called and came out the next day and recleaned the bad rooms.  Wonderful now.
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Carpet Cleaning Puyallup